♡ SNUGGLE into a blanket that reduces anxieties and helps you to relax.

♡ SOOTHE aches and pains. The weight on the body has a soothing effect.

♡ SETTLE down on the sofa or when travelling. Reduces the need to fidget as dopamine, our happy hormones are released into the body.

♡ SLEEP from the increased melatonin in the body.


Light and small

The lightest and the smallest of our new collection. Suitable for children over 4 weighing 30kg or more.

Medium and premium

Very Medium in size and weight though definitely more than medium in the hipster stakes!. Suitable for anyone over 48kg. This one will fit a single. Perfect for the inbetweener.

The beast

This is our funky Aztec Tribal design. Especially for the on trend teen/adult. Large enough for the double bed, it packs a punch and would suit anyone over 66kg.

Plain and oh so purposeful

Cool Summer cotton. Practical grey and white for the room with already heaps of personality. Keep the bed simple cause the walls do all the talking. Grey on one side white on the other – you choose. Available in medium or large.

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Your weighted blanket is an investment. It is imperitive you get the weight and size right. If you need any further assistance get in touch.

If you are shy, leave a message here. Otherwise, give me a call on (+61) 0498173662 and I’ll help you choose your perfect weighted blanket. I’m Emma, and I answer the phone that way :).

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