The Perfect Hug


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The Perfect hug is:

  • 150 x 100cm weighted blanket cover set (tie-tabs)
    • sensory soft minky cover with tie-tabs – greyscale feather design on top | textured grey minky dot on the underside
    • concealed zip on cover
    • matching sensory soft minky pillow slip
    • machine washable cover and weighted blanket (wash separately)
    • 100% cotton weighted blanket
    • 100% non-toxic glass bead filling
  • Suitable for weight 48kg+

Benefits of weighted blankets:

  • Aid relaxation.
  • Promote sleep.
  • Calming to both mind and body.


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If you like the Goldilocks ‘just right’ feeling, of not-too-light or, not-too-heavy, then try ‘The Perfect Hug’:

The Perfect Hug

I am medium in both weight and size. I weigh 4kg without my cover and 4.85kg with my snuggly minky cover. I have a matching pillow case now, which is even better to nuzzle into.

At 150cm x 100cm, I sit perfectly on top of a single bed. You can also use me in a bigger bed to help you sleep, without disturbing your sleep partner (if you have one).

My inner weighted blanket (doona/quilt) is made from pure cotton, and I had 100% non-toxic glass pellets for breakfast.

My outer cover is a snuggly-buggly-ruggly luxuriously soft minky material. I have a gorgeous greyscale feather pattern on my top side…  and a sensory bumpy bottom-side dotted in a silvery-grey.

My ‘inners’ and ‘outers’ tie together with tab-ties and loops.

Just pop us into the washing machine (separately), or take my inner to the dry-cleaners if your washing machine doesn’t like a heavy load.

You can use me in bed, on the sofa, or travelling, but be careful that other family members don’t lend me, because you might not get me back!

Important information: Please consult with a medical professional before using this product. Never leave a small child unattended while using a weighted blanket, and make sure the child is strong enough to push the blanket off his or her body if needed. Weighted blankets should never cover a child’s face!

Check out our: Weight Guide.

For more information on Deep Pressure therapy and how Weighted Blankets help, click here.

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Additional information

Weight4.85 kg
Dimensions33 × 33 × 14 cm


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