Large Pack of Boys Fidget Toys


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Selection of Fidget Toys Packs consisting of:

  • Colourful Mesh Marbles
  • Snake/Lizard Pencil Toppers
  • Silicone Animals
  • Pop-out Peas
  • Twisty Pencil Toppers




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Fidget Toys Packs are great for the classroom!

Why are fidget toys so good for our ADHD/Autistic children? Fidget Toys are great for use in school because they aid focus. ADHDers and children on the ASD scale are often Sensory Seekers. They need sensory input to alert their brains to help them function.

To ready more on this topic, click here: http://occupationaltherapychildren.com.au/stop-touching-things-the-role-of-fidget-toys/

Packs comprise of:

  • Colourful Mesh Marbles – Push the marble back and forth in it’s mesh cover.
  • Snake/Lizard Pencil Toppers – Fun, cute and practical pencil toppers.  Wrap them around the top of your pencil and jiggle them to watch their eyes wobble.
  • Silicone Animals – These are the cutest of all the fidget toys, just so gorgeous, tactile and squishy.
  • Pop-out Peas – Fun, brightly coloured pea pods, with 3 mini peas to pop in and out. Great for fine motor skills.
  • Twisty Pencil Toppers – These pencil toppers have two pencil sized fitting on opposite ends.  Each topper is a different combination of colours and movements. Again, great for fine motor skills.

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